Nakalele Blowhole Maui

Nakalele Blowhole is the result of the ocean wearing away the shore below the lava shelf. With each wave, water is forced through a hole in the lava shelf resulting in the "eruption" of water similar to a geyser.Nakalele Blow Hole Maui4

The "blowing" of the water varies dramatically depending on tide levels and wave action. High tide and strong surf result in the best effects. The blowhole can be seen from the road when the wave action is right or you can hike down to the area - just don't get too close!

The second trail to the blowhole is located mile past Mile Marker #38 and is marked by a dirt pullout along the side of the road. From this area you can usually see the blowhole without doing the hike.

Nakalele Blow Hole Maui5

Be extremely careful around the blowhole as the waves and resulting eruptions are unpredictable and are deadly dangerous.

Nakalele Blow Hole6

Never sit on, touch or get close to the blowhole or erupting water. Monitor the ocean conditions conditions continuously as rogue waves may endanger you as the trail nears the water.

Nakalele Blow Hole MauiThe blowhole, point and light beacon can easily be seen from the trailhead without taking the hike. Use extreme caution when walking these trails as they are rocky and descend steeply toward the ocean.


Nakalele Blowhole can be seen from the road from Kapalua to Wailuku.

Useful Information:

Follow Highway 30 (Honoapi'ilani Highway) north from Kapalua. The Acid War Zone trail is near Mile Marker #38 where a gravel parking lot is located. A dirt, jeep road begins the trail which takes approximately 30 minutes to hike.

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