Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai

This is the second wet cave located in this area. A short, uphill climb brings you to the entrance.Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai2

The other wet cave, Waikanaloa, and Manini-holo, a dry cave, are nearby.Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai7

All of these caves were formed when the ocean was much higher than today and etched away at the lava rock creating the caves.Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai3

This particular cave has an unusual effect for those who want to brave the ice-cold water. It is called the Blue Room.  At the back of the main cave is a small opening into another, smaller room accessible only by swimming. Once inside the smaller chamber, look toward the main opening. The sunlight reflecting off the freshwater makes everything around you turn blue. Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai4

The water in the wet caves comes from underground springs that eventually feed into the ocean. The water level in the caves are effected by the tide.Waikapalae Wet Cave Kauai5

Viewing in the Blue Room is best during high tide as the sunlight has a narrower opening into the chamber and more of the blue color is reflected.


Ha'ena, North Kauai

Useful Information:

From Ha'ena, take Highway 560 west. Both wet caves are located on the left just before Mile Marker #10, past the Ha'ena Beach Park. A short trail uphill leads to this cave.

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