Menehune Ditch Kauai

This ancient Hawaiian Fishpond can be seen from an overlook on Hulemalu Road. Legend states it was built by the Menehune, leprechaun-little people, in one moonlit night. Archeologist date ...

Menehune Road, Waimea, West Kauai

Only a small portion of the engineering phenomina still remains. Archeologists say it was built before the Polynesians every arrived on the island. Legend states it was built by the Menehume, leprachaun-like little people, in one night. The high chief of Waimea supposidely inlisted the aid of the menehune to build the aquaduct. He banned the villagers from leaving their homes one night so the menehune could safely build the ditch without being seen. The result was an huge irrigation system made from smoothed lava stone that brought water from the Waimea River to the taro fields. The rocks used in this contruction project came from more than 6 miles away in Mokihana.

Take Highway 50 west from Hanapepe to Waimea. Turn right on Menehune Road just before Mile Marker #23. The Menehune Ditch is on the left side of the road next to the Waimea Swinging Bridge.

Useful Information:
Historic site
50-60 feet of the ditch easily seen from the road
Informational plaque erected in 1928

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